The art of handpan tuning is a craft that takes a special set of skills and a deep understanding of the instrument itself. With this skill, handpan players are able to customize the sound and feel of the instrument, allowing them to create unique and beautiful music. But how do you become a handpan tuner? Thanks to world-class instructors, the Art of Handpan Tuning is now accessible to anyone who is willing to learn. Our instructors have years of experience in handpan tuning and offer top-notch training in the art. They take the time to ensure that everyone can understand the techniques and methods used. They provide feedback, guidance, and support to help learners achieve their goals. When it comes to handpan tuning, our instructors teach several important components. First, they focus on the theoretical aspects of tuning, covering topics such as physics, acoustics, and music theory. They explain various techniques such as the overtone series and the overtone ladder. They also demonstrate techniques such as turning the notes, manipulating the instrument’s soundboard and resonance, and fine-tuning the notes. In addition to teaching the theory and techniques behind handpan tuning, our instructors also share their own insights and personal tips to help learners fine-tune their handpan. They explain how to harmonize the sound of the instrument, how to choose the right strings for a particular note, and how to adjust the distance between the notes. The instructors also provide guidance on how to make a handpan sound the way you want it to. Finally, our instructors also offer detailed instruction on how to care for the handpan. They explain how to properly store, clean, and transport the instrument, as well as how to detect and address any problems. The art of handpan tuning is a skill that requires time and dedication. With the help of our instructors, anyone can learn the art of handpan tuning and create beautiful music. From helping you understand the theoretical aspects of tuning to teaching you the techniques and providing personal tips, our instructors make sure that you get the most out of your handpan tuning experience.