The hauntingly beautiful sound of the handpan is one of the newer instruments to make its way into the music scene. With its mesmerizing sound and versatility, it has become a favorite of musicians and music lovers alike. This blog post is a tribute to the handpan, as we discuss our favorite tracks and artists from the genre. The handpan is a unique instrument that can create a variety of sounds. It is constructed from two steel hemispheres and a range of notes are created with the instrument's notes, tuned to specific scales. Its mesmerizing sound has made it popular among contemporary music makers, and its ethereal tones have become a favorite of many. When it comes to favorite tracks and artists, the list is long and diverse. We recommend listening to the beautiful handpan rendition of the traditional Indian classic ‘Raga Bhairavi’ by the brilliant musician Niladri Kumar. The talented Australian musician, William Close, also has a remarkable version of the classical piece ‘Clair de Lune’ in his handpan repertoire. For fans of electronica, the handpan-driven track ‘Lightning Strikes’ by the Sugaray Project is definitely worth checking out. For some more experimental sounds, we suggest the acclaimed handpan-infused track ‘Despair and Hope’ by the German duo Masters of Resonance. The band is also known for their original handpan compositions, and their live performances are sure to leave an unforgettable impression. Another great artist to listen to is the Canadian musician, Kent Macpherson. His album ‘Spiral’ is an eclectic mix of handpan-infused folk, jazz and classical music, and is an essential listen for those who want to explore the genre further. The handpan is an incredibly versatile instrument, and its unique sound has brought a lot of joy to music lovers across the world. We hope that this blog post has given you an insight into some of our favorite tracks and artists from the genre, and if you're looking to explore handpan music further, there is no shortage of great musicians, albums and tracks to discover.